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Mexcian Food

Places to Eat

Vattakanal is full of soulful cafes with delicious food. Here's a menu from some of the best eateries for you to try. Room Delivery available at additional charges.

Street Food

Restaurants  & Cafe's


Altaf's Cafe

a half an hour hike from the Dostel, It provides exhilarating views of the kodaikanal mountains.


Sunrise Cafe

Located amidst the undulating forested terrains of Western Ghats, there are no roads in this hamlet, and the number of temples far exceeds the number of houses! Perhaps, that is the reason why the inhabitants of Vellagavi refuse to wear any footwear, in reverence to the local gods, who cohabit the area with their devotees.


Above & Beyond Cafe

Located at the entrance of Vattakanal, this waterfall is one of the most easily accessible site around kodai. For more secret ones, talk to us ! ;)

Image by Casey Horner

Kodai Haven

Know the local flora and fauna of Kodaikanal and the history of landscape change of these mountains of western ghats.Join this informative hike where you will walks through kodaikanal major spots watching important trees.



Away from crowded tourists, this little village is a haven for those seeking peace. Some secret hikes are available for those wanting to go beyond.



A tribal village in the middle of nowhere. At 1200 M it is the highest beat in Udumal malai Range. Surrounded by dense forests and waterfalls, it is not for the faint hearted. Drop a message to us to arrange a trek if interested.


Malka's Cafe (Queen)

Less than hour away from dostel you can hike to explore rocks that look like massive pillars in the sky along with Guna caves and Pine forest which will leave you mesmerized.


Coimbatore mess (Mary Auntie)

Momin valley as famous between the israelis is originally called manavanur is possibly one of the last remaining grasslands in palni hills. Its an hour drive from vattakanal and is known mostly for... ahem!! 


Pastry Corner

Possibly one of the best mountain villages in India. The views from Pasiflora is amazing, a cafe overlooking the village on the road with amazing coffee and italian cuisines.

For other secret spots.. Ask Dostel!

Trip to Momin Valley

RESORT                               RATED 4.4/5

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Pillar Rocks

HOSTEL                              RATED 4.7/5

The only and the hippest hostel in town with an accommodating staff which is an experience in itself. Best suited for backpackers, bikers and solo travelers looking to connect with other souls. The staff is knowledgeable and 



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COTTAGE                           RATED 4/5

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