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Rooftop Party


Please check House Rules and Cancellation Policy below and register yourself on arrival.

House Rules



Check In and payout is mandatory for all as soon as you arrive. You should all upload your Ids and do C-form for nationalities other than India, before you take the bed. For missing this you will be fined extra.

Long term stays are hugely discounted and charged in total on arrival. Failing to which you will otherwise be charged per day basis. Artists, Volunteers and Performers are discounted too. Ask for offers and subscribe


NO DRUGS | Dorms are Non-Smoking rooms, we discourage use of any drugs. There are multiple police checkposts who will check your baggage thoroughly and as if it wasn't enough narcotics raid is always a possibility. Do not carry any illegal stuff with you or surrounding. HomeStays allow smoking in specific areas and privately. And Drinking is strictly 🚫 Your non compliance and misbehavior will not be tolerated.


CouchSurfers & Volunteers are required to Check-in and do C-form and the bed is available only for first night or till another surfer arrive. You are required to pay for your meals, and extended stay. For volunteering and other opportunities, confirm with management.


Cancellation Policy 

Rooms will be Reserved and considered blocked only after non refundable advance payments. Dont call, nudge or asks for refunds after cause we already partied with that. For any unforeseen circumstances, or issues text us well ahead and we will try our best to support. Still not returning your money though.


Check in time is 2 pm and Check Out time is 10 am. Early Check-ins and Late Check-Outs are subject to availability and will be charged extra per hour. Don't roam around late at nights, its wild out here with bisons and boars within the property. And lot of blood sucker leeches too and some cliff are deep enough to never come back from. Don't act stupid. If you are, at least take a guide with you. You are responsible for your own safety.


MUST CLIMB STAIRS to reach your respective stay options. Vattakanal is located on a hill and most homestays require walk from the road head. Expect 10-15 mins of uphill hike and you should be fit to actually able to enjoy it. Not recommeneded for Elderly and people with knee issues. Please ask admin to allot Stay close to the road in such cases. Your booking cannot be refunded on this clause. Please talk it out ahead.


EXCLUSIONS |Transportation, Meals, Laundry, Towels, Bikes, Campfires, and Activities are available at EXTRA COST and will be added to the bill. Day trips and hikes are also arranged for people interested. For Motorcycles & off road tours connect to Dani. Confirm prices before hopping or hogging. 😬


Parking Issues

Vattakanal doesnt have dedicated parking yet. On Street parking is safe but gets tricky on weekends and holidays. Paid Parking is available on request. Guest are resposible for driving and their vehicles. And must walk and hike to reach the room. SO carry less luggage prefably backpacks you can handle cause there are no porters. On how to get here.. follow


Cancellations and monthly subscriptions are non refundable. Management is not responsible for your belongings. Keep them in lockers. If you have too much money then donate to your manager. You can also sign up for the causes we support including animal welfare and conservation projects.


If you have any issues write to Dostel first and it will be well responded +919826331133 If you dont like the place. LEAVE! After paying bills of course 😌

With this i Hope you understand and agree to the terms laid out here, please proceed with registration, only then the rooms/homestay will be allotted.

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